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Marie Perry MTech Services ~ Web Design & hosting

This is your Website

This is your website, not mine. What this means is that this is just an idea of what you can do. It is up to you to decide what you want on each page of your website. There are different themes to choose from that will allow you to change the look and feel of the site. You can change colours and fonts, add pictures (you must own the rights to the pictures), or add links.

Your Job

Your job is to write up the content, decide what pictures you want and work with me to make your website come to life.

My Job

My job is to take the content and pictures you provide me with and turn them into a professional looking website that you can be proud of. I will do my best to transfer your vision of your site into a reality using the tools I have available. This site is very simple and uses a free theme. You can purchase upgrades if you prefer something “fancier.”

While I will check for obvious spelling and grammar errors and make suggestions if I feel something is worded awkwardly, the actually content is up to you.

I will also do some work behind the scenes to boost your search engine results in Google. I can also offer advice or help you with other things that you can do to make sure your small business is found by potential customers including setting up your Facebook page.

This is the front page of your website.

This page should have information that will grab the attention of visitors and make them want to look closer at your website or to contact you.

This is a good place to give an overview of what you offer and why a customer/client needs your products and/or services.

You can provide a brief overview of what you offer and insert links to other pages that give more detail.

Product or Service 1

What do you do that is different? Why would this be important for someone to have? These are just some ideas. Each business is unique so this should be customized to what you have to offer.

Complementary Consultation

Do you offer a complementary consultation, service, or product? 

  • Complementary Initial Session to discuss your issues, needs, and to ask questions about how Marie will work with you.
  • Flexible Appointment Times including weekends.
  • International Clients are welcome.
  • Fee: Please see our price list for details (a link to a price list could be placed here or you could put pricing here if you offer an hourly rate rather than multiple products and services that would require a separate page.

The information above is in list format just to show you that this is an option.

Additional Options

Sidebars and Footers

This particular site does not have a sidebar. This can easily be added. A sidebar can be used as an additional menu or to add information that you want on every single page.

A footer works in a similar fashion but is more limited in the room available. The footer is the blue area at the bottom of this site. In this theme, there are 4 separate areas that can be used. This will vary depending on the theme chosen.

Sidebars and footers are available in most themes but not all.

You Tube

It is possible to embed Youtube videos on any page or post. If there is a video that shows how to put something together you could add it to your website. Please ask the owner for permission.

If you have a video I can help you put it on Youtube so that it can be embedded on your site.

Private Areas

It is also possible to create users and passwords so that you can provide an area that not everyone can see. For example, a photographer that wants to show proofs to clients so that they can order the photos they want, or perhaps you have information that you only want to share with customers that have purchased something from you.

Social Media Connections

Do you have a Facebook page? Why not connect to your page so that when you create a post in your blog it will automatically be posted on your page? Means you won’t have to create a separate post for Facebook. You can also do this with other social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can add a link to your Facebook page for people to follow you on Facebook. I have links to both my Facebook page and a link to a free group that I host for small businesses to get support and some free advertising.

There are many different things that can be done with your website. If you have something in mind that was not mentioned, just ask me about it.